Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello, out there in Blogland. I've finally jumped in and started my very own blog. I've been following some blogs for awhile now and love being able to keep up with friends. I am still learning and trying to figure out how to get it all set up. I've seen some blogs be used as a way to track what projects are being worked on and I love that concept. So little by little, I will be adding those thing to my blog. I'm hoping this will make me be accountable to finish some projects and to also get my camera out more often.

Now I'm hoping to share a pic with you of our new Pub Table. Right now it's sitting in my sewing room, but once we return to the States, we hope to have more room for it. (keeping my fingers crossed that the pic comes across).

Until next time, Enjoy!


Kimberly said...

Dana -- Welcome to the blogging world! I'm so glad you jumped in, and I feel honored to be the first one to leave a comment on your blog!

I love the pub table -- very charming. I know you'll have many wonderful years of using it with the men in your life.

Looking forward to seeing more postings. I've already marked your blog as one of my "favorites" and will be checking back often!

Cathi said...

Congratulations on starting a blog. You are really going to enjoy the ride!