Friday, February 6, 2009

Comtemplating Goals for 2009

Here it is February and I'm still planning for the year. January was a wash for me, as I wasn't feeling well most of the month. February is getting better, as I'm getting a little excited about the coming months and Spring. I'm already thinking of putting out flowers and wanting to start some projects with Spring colors in mind. (More about those later)

For now, I'm needing to do a major clean up and organizing of my sewing room, and house for that matter. I have a hard time working on things when the house is a mess or my sewing room is cluttered. So for today, my main goal is to clean up my wool stash.

This is wool that I have mainly dyed and then some waiting to be dyed.

I also have a tote that has re-cycled wool in it.

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Quilt Hollow said...

OMG've got wool! Glorious wool!

Welcome to blogging! I'm adding you to my sidebar.