Monday, September 14, 2009

What a rough week last week was....

First, I went shopping in Trier with a neighbor. We had a good time until the last shop we went into. I paid for my items and put my wallet in my purse and left. Only to get to the next place to get a pastry and found my wallet was gone. Yes, I got pick pocketed! I've been to many places in Europe and the States with no problem. We went back to the shop and asked them and they remember me putting it into my purse, as do I. When we started leaving the shop, which is a narrow home decor shop, there was a couple that split up around me. The Husband was walking ever so slowly in front of my and the wife was behind me. I had bought some long leaves, which were wrapped in plastic for a vase, and had them in my hands trying to make sure to not break anything or hit anyone. It was only about 5-10 minutes later that my wallet was gone. So now, I'm having the fun of waiting for new cards, id, licence, etc.

Next thing was Kindergarten started on Tuesday for my youngest, Thomas. Got him on the bus and came in to get to work. Tried to vacuum the den and pulled my back. So for the past week, I've been laying on a heating pad to get my back better. I had so many plans for the week to get done while being home by myself. Nada got done.

Needless to say, nothing quilting, knitting, or fun to post pics of. I will hopefully get to things this week. Let's hope it's a better week.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I have been spending my time on..

This summer has been spent with kids outside mostly AND we added 2 new members to our family. Meet Dante (Golden Retriever) and Sam (Cat). This is when we first got them and believe me, they both have grown so much already. Dante is pretty much house trained now. He was pretty easy, so far. They both play together and keep each other on their toes.

Now that school has started back (Yea!), I'm planning on getting back to my projects. My little guy (Thomas) start Kindergarten next week. So for the first time in a long time, I will be by myself during the day. What will I do? Well, I have alot of decluttering to do in the house, plus I want to get back to my many projects.

I haven't quilted in awhile, and I have quite a few things kitted up to do. So I want to get to those and get those done. Then I want to work on my stash a bit and use some of it up. This is so that I can not feel guilty when I see all of the new fabrics coming out and want them. I also have some cross stitch projects to get to, as well as a hooked rug that I started the beginning of this year. Not to mention the sweaters that I bought yarn for. I figure I might get half of the things done this school year. (fingers crossed)

I'm going to start my list of things to work on soon and can't wait to jump back in to my projects.