Sunday, August 9, 2009

Internet Woes

It's been a long time since my last post. I've been having lots of trouble with my internet connection and couldn't even get into my google mail or yahoo mail. Each time, it said due to my slow connection that it wouldn't open. Occasionally, it would open, but when you clicked on an email to open and read, it would just spin and give an error message regarding our connection. I got so frustrated and felt really cut off from the world. Isn't it amazing how you feel that way when you have no internet? Our tv has also been on the fritz, but we would rather do without tv than internet. I called our internet provider over here, TKS, for support. I think the guy didn't want to work or something that day, cause he didn't even try to help me. He told me that I would need to send them an email asking to upgrade our internet service to a faster speed. We have no faster speed where we are, I've checked. We pay for 1000 speed, but only get about 300+. They have 2000 and 6000 speed, but not in our village. This is one thing I won't miss when we leave here.

Another thing that I have had problems with is posting comments to others blogs. I would type in a comment and then it would just sit there and spin. Also, for awhile, it wouldn't let me choose which profile I had for telling who I am. I finally got it once to let me do that. So I hope that's worked itself out.

Sorry, no pics this time, just wanted let you know why I've not been blogging lately. Oh, on another note, DH put in asking for an extension here and it got approved, so we will be here for an extra year now. Just hope my internet gets better during the next 2 years.

I will get some pics out and tell you some more of my recent adventures for my next post.