Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dreaming of Houston Festival

Oh, how I wish I could be in Houston for the Quilt Festival.  I was lucky enough to attend about 5 or 6 years ago and it was wonderful!  So I've been surfing blogs to see any glimpse pics of Market and now Festival.  Now I'm anxious for shops to start receiving the new things.  I've called a couple of my LQS's today to see if they have the new book by Blackbird Designs.   They have a new book out called Garden Club.  The Country Sampler has some pics of a few of the projects in the book and I want it now!!  Yes, I'm always impatient when it comes to the Blackbird Gals.  Also, Congratulations to Barb and Alma, for winning the Best Booth Award this year.  They do some amazing things!

I have had my follow up appt from my appendectomy and got the green light to do normal things again.  However, Brett was out of school one day sick.  Then I came down with a bad stomach bug.  I was feeling a bit better, but tonight, it feels like I'm trying to take a back set of it.  Either way, while I've had to take it easy, I've been working on Doug's Cardigan Sweater.  Today, I completed the back of the sweater and am really pleased with myself to get this far.  Now tomorrow, I'll CO for the front.

I can't believe it is November!  Time is going by so fast now, it's scary.  Here is what Thomas and I walked to school the other morning to.

You should have heard all of the noise as we walked out the door.  All of these birds were in a couple of trees, as we were half way to school, they all took off.  It made me think of the movie 'The Birds'.  Pretty cool to see though.


Gayle said...

I didn't realize that you're a knitter TOO! Sheesh - you do EVERYTHING! LOL The sweater looks beautiful - glad you're feeling a little better.

Quilt Hollow said...

Where are you...missed for sure! I don't think you've even visited my blog in forever...drop a line!