Friday, October 15, 2010

More Stash

After we left Germany, we took a detour to TN to visit family for a couple of weeks.  Of course, I had to hit the shops there.  I had to go to Double Cross (cross stitching shop), but found out that they have sold the shop.  Not to worry though, the new owner has put the cross stitching in her Antique Shop, 3 Sisters.  So I can go look at cross stitch and check out some wonderful antiques at the same time.  The owner was working on a needle punch project by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle & Thread.  So I had to buy it, as well as another one that I have had my eye on.  She was working on the Boo-tiful Bouquet and it was gorgeous!  The Feather Your Nest pattern has caught my eye for awhile, so I thought I'd get it.  Now I haven't done much in the way of punch needle, but when you check out Brenda's designs it will make you want to learn.

Another one of my favorites is Stacy Nash.  I love her primitive and simple style.  She has lots of cross stitch patterns to make necessaries, and pin cushions.  I found a few more of hers that I didn't have.

My Mom and I took a day to shop together.  I took her to the cross stitch shop, as I knew she would love to check out the antiques.  Then we hit a couple of yarn shops.  I was showing her the newest Namaste Bag and she surprised me with buying it for me.  Gotta love those Mom's.  This is the Monroe.  I also bought a skein of yummy Malabrigo Sock Yarn.

I also bought some quilt books and charm packs in TN.  Then we left for Kansas and I added more quilt books and charm packs, and other things.  Here in Wichita, I have a nice cross stitch shop.  It's been a long time since I've lived in an area with a cross stitch shop around.  So this is exciting for me.  Heart's Desire is a wonderful shop and the ladies are really nice there.  Their walls are covered in stitched models and that makes you want to buy more.  I added more to my stitching stash there.

There are 4 quilt shops in Wichita, as well, as one in Derby.  Derby is just 15 minutes down the road.  So I have loads of quilt shops now.  After being in Germany for 4 years and not having any quilt shops around, this is wonderful!!!!  Not so much good for the ole' budget, but Doug knew that I would go a little crazy when we moved back to the States.

As you can see, I have lots to do now.  Not that I didn't have a thing to work with before.  But it's so much fun shopping in person again.

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Oh've bought some excellent treasures!!