Monday, February 22, 2010

Have I been away for a month?

I didn't realize it's been a month since I've posted.  This has been a stressful month for us here, so I haven't really felt like saying much.  We have been in the military for almost 22 years now and had planned on being in for 26 years.  It seems the military just made some changes and now we have to retire at 24 years.  So we now have a little over 2 years left in the service before we retire.  That still gives us some time to plan some more, but we had put in an extension to stay in Germany for another year.  With that extension in place, we would have had less than a year left when we leave Germany.  Unfortunately, the military won't move you, unless you have a year left.  So we've been worried that we would be here til we retire.  DH has been on the phone, trying to figure out what we can do with all of these changes that have been thrown on us.  Luckily, we just found out that we got our extension canceled and will be leaving here this year.  We have a weight lifted off our shoulders now that we have an idea of what's happening.  We still won't know where we will go next until probably in April.  We are hoping for SouthEast, as we are originally from TN and would like to be near home as we get closer to retirement.  

I'm going to be spending some time working on the house and getting rid of things that we don't want to take with us.  Plus start doing some of the cleaning, etc.  Sort of like a Spring Cleaning.  I've got loads of quilt books and things that I want to list to sell and lots of things that we don't want to take with us.  Sort of like, if you don't love it and it doesn't bring you happiness, lose it.  *S*  

I've also been thinking about my projects and what I might want to work on this year.  I will post about that in another post, hopefully, with pics too.  I just wanted to let everyone know what's been up with me.  


Loris said...

Sounds like a big transition. It's good that you are planning ahead. Take it a day at a time and hang in there. We will welcome you back to the states and thank you for your service!

Pat said...

I hope you get a base assignment that is a good one for the last "tour" of military life.